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HeroCraft Arcade Park 8-in-1 v.1.5
ویندوز موبایل 2003 یا بالاتر
تمام رزولوشن ها

[تصویر: HeroCraft%20Arcade%20Park%208-in-1%20v.1...da.com.jpg]

یک مجموعه از بازی های آرکید

A unique collection of legendary arcade games.

The Arcade Park collection has been carefully designed to revive legendary games from the past — this pack represents great value with 8 arcade games in one! Classics such as Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter and Galaxy Invaders are available alongside military games Real Tanx and Riverside Assault.

In Arcade Ball, players must think quickly if they are to grapple with both a lightning-fast ball, whilst contending with a platform that thrashes it in every conceivable direction.

Asteroids. A small interstellar reconnaissance spaceship finds itself in the middle of a cosmic confrontation between the many and the few. It must dodge thick rings of asteroids as well as various aggressive inhabitants from outer space…

Rushman. When a furry little animal heads out onto the streets of his native town in search of food, it seems as though anyone might hurt him. His enemies should be aware that eating cursed fruit can turn our hero into a terrifying, fanged creature that no one should confront…

A descendant of Scandinavian knights, giant moles of antiquity and the Yeti, Digger is the fastest underground animal known to man. He moves as quick as lightning and with a portable annihilator installed in his helmet, his hands just can’t help reaching for diamonds…

The adventure lover and gold robber, Gold Hunter, has entered a secret multi-level depository holding the planet’s gold reserves. On the brave dodger’s belt hangs the BFT-5000, a weapon with the power to burn right through the floor. Yet Gold Hunter must work quickly, for the entire Earth Security Service is on his trail…

Despite the grave forecasts of analysts and science fiction writers, humanity managed to defend itself against the attack of the alien race known as the Galaxy Invaders. The Supreme Parliament of Earth made a decision to deliver a preventative blow to the aliens’ home planet.

Real Tanx. The enemy’s advance was stalled by an unprecedented level of frost that covered the continent, but they’re still fighting. Unidentified and heavily armored divisions have smashed apart the national defense on all fronts, and now they’re headed for the cities. The captain of the one surviving defense tank knows that only a miracle will save his staff…

Riverside Assault. An elusive enemy is making it impossible for the General of Peacemaking Forces in the valley of the Congo River to account for the missing Red Cross helicopters and entire provision trucks. Desperate and tired of the string of disappearances, the Commander of a squadron of modern fighters is called upon to detect and neutralize the unseen mischief-maker…

Game features:

* Eight different games in one collection
* High-quality animation and graphics
* Various game modes
* Many bonuses, enemies and surprises
* Customizable controls
* The chance to create a record for inclusion in the hall of fame

New features in version 1.5:
* Hi-Res (VGA) graphics support (480x640, 640x480, 480x800, 800x480)
* New Windows Mobile devices support (240x400, 400x240, 320x320)
* Nokia 5500 (208x208) support
* Enhanced gameplay for Real Tanx
* New graphics for Gold Hunter and Riverside Assault
* Optimized memory consumption
* Minor bug fixes

* Arcade

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نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های Arcade، 
برچسب ها : HeroCraft Arcade Park 8-in-1 v.1.5،
ارسال شده در: شنبه 23 مرداد 1389 :: توسط : Nima HRV
Herocraft Hexxagon Labs v.1.22
ویندوز موبایل 2003 یا بالاتر
تمام رزولوشن ها

[تصویر: Herocraft%20Hexxagon%20Labs%20v.1.22_pda4pda.com.jpg]

بازی معمایی زیبا با مراحلی زیبا و جذاب

Amazing logic game with intellectual challenges. Just updated!

Hexxagon Labs is the amazing logic game, which contains over a dozen arenas filled with intellectual challenges where you are able to compete with computer rivals or play with your friends!

Funny chemistry, witty physics, exciting astronomy… Do you think that there are no such things on our planet? If so, you haven’t play Hexxagon Labs yet! Just drop in to the most unusual laboratory in the world and test the power of your mind! This amusing tactical logic game includes 15 original hard-to-solve levels. The goal of the game in each level is to occupy as many cells on a field as possible, capturing pieces of an enemy. Your rivals will be the best American and European professors whose brains were implanted in the game’s artificial intellect system. You also will have an opportunity to play Hexxagon Labs with one or two friends using only one device!

In addition, Hexxagon Labs is full of interesting facts and entertaining material. Before every level you will receive new astonishing scientific information giving you the opportunity, when you have the chance, to show off your erudition and amaze acquaintances by your knowledge.

The more you play Hexxagon Labs, the smarter you will become!

Game features:

* Play with one or two friends
* 15 complicated levels / 3 bonus tutorial levels
* 3 game modes
* Original set of amusing facts from the scientific world
* Stylish music
* Attractive and bright graphics

New features in version 1.2:

* Extra levels
* Improved graphics
* New Windows Mobile devices support (240x400, 400x240, 480x800, 800x480, 320x320 screens)
* New Symbian devices support (Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia E63, Samsung I7110 etc.)
* Added 3 difficulty levels
* Additionally localized to German, Spanish, Czech
* New final scene
* Online records table
* New music track
* Updated points calculation system with bonuses

* Logic

ادامه مطلب

نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های معمایی، 
برچسب ها : Herocraft Hexxagon Labs v.1.22،
ارسال شده در: شنبه 23 مرداد 1389 :: توسط : Nima HRV
HeroCraft Ball Rush Aqua v.1.42
ویندوز موبایل 2003 یا بالاتر
تمام رزولوشن ها

[تصویر: HeroCraft%20Ball%20Rush%20Aqua%20v.1.42_pda4pda.com.jpg]

به گفته سازنده بهترین بازی آرکید در دنیای درون آب هست

The best arcanoid from the underwater world!

Modern technology brought to a legendary classic: Ball Rush Aqua is an enthralling Arcanoid style game that realises the eternal ideas of the original, yet brings the whole experience bang up to date!

You can now travel through the underwater world! This game excels in it’s diversity — from the form and features of the bat through to the large variety of tasks involved: you don’t need to destroy all of the blocks, just open a way to the upper part of a screen to pass the level, and then to pass the next ones until you reach the top where you can really have fun and smash everything in sight! Over a hundred original locations are included alongside two levels of difficulty and a huge number of bonuses, which make the game even more captivating and attractive to play! Throw in 13 types of blocks which all have different margins of safety and you are ready to tackle the rewarding and absorbing experience that is Ball Rush Aqua. Some blocks restore after being crushed and some are almost indestructible. But don’t worry, your arsenal is ready for these trials because you can use fire and ice balls, missiles and bombs, which will hall help you to make your way to freedom!

Game features:

* Outstanding graphics
* Dynamic backgrounds
* 128 unique levels
* 13 bonus types and 13 types of blocks
* Record table
* Background stereo tracks
* High-quality sound effects
* Boss-levels

New features in version 1.4:

* Symbian OS accelerometer support
* Improved touch control
* Minor bug fixes

* Arcade

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نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های VGA، بازی های QVGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های Arcade، 
برچسب ها : HeroCraft Ball Rush Aqua v.1.42،
ارسال شده در: شنبه 23 مرداد 1389 :: توسط : Nima HRV
Herocraft Robo v.1.1.3
ویندوز موبایل 2003 یا بالاتر
تمام رزولوشن ها

[تصویر: Herocraft%20Robo%20v.1.1.3_pda4pda.com.jpg]

یه بازی اعتیاد آور مثل Meon که توی رام های انرژی هست..

A beautiful story about real cyberhetyc love

Love can make people commit mistakes, follies and do many other silly things. Would anybody in his right mind risk his life, move under the rays of laser guns, break legs in the stone conglomerations, carry dreadful bombs and wander into fatal mazes? Love is a virus; and there are no walls which can stop it. Even robots can’t resist it. You can now become a participant in this unusual love story. Try to add some logic and consistency in the bustle of this hot cybernetic passion and overcome, together with Robo, all manner of obstacles such as walking through snow storms, scorched deserts and cold mountains. Usually only human intellect could rescue machines that are going this mad!

So Robo has to save Eny, who is kidnapped by the evil Discharger, and now held in the underground compound which is protected by lasers. In order to move, our hero has to block laser beams that guard all passageways or destroy laser cannons. This objective can be reached by moving stones to block laser beams, using bombs to explode laser cannons or even, for the gaming Einsteins, making cannons destroy each other. The game rules are very simple, but the game itself is not, because bombs and stones are very scarce.

Are you ready to test your brains in this cyber situation and conquer the path to true love?

Game features:
* 76 original levels
* 4 game worlds
* Outstanding graphics and animation
* Increasing difficulty of quests
* Smart music
* Simple rules and captivating gameplay

New features in version 1.1:
* Players can undo one turn during the game
* Auto saved level progress on exit
* Additional scroll buttons on screen
* Other minor bug fixes

* Puzzle

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نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های معمایی، 
برچسب ها : Herocraft Robo v.1.1.3،
ارسال شده در: شنبه 23 مرداد 1389 :: توسط : Nima HRV
Basketball v1.20
ویندوز موبایل 5 یا بالاتر
تمام رزولوشن ها

[تصویر: Basketball%20v1.00_pda4pda.com.jpg]

بازی ساده بسکتبال
A standard shoot 'em quick basketball game.

Aim by pulling down and back on the ball, using the red dot that shows up as an indicator. See how many shots you can make in a minute-your high score will be
stored and displayed at the top. See who can get the highest score

V1.20 Bug fixes:
-Fixed stuck rim issue -Fixed box around ball issue
-Updated menu If any other bugs are found please report them. Thanks


نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های ورزشی، 
برچسب ها : Basketball v1.20،
ارسال شده در: شنبه 23 مرداد 1389 :: توسط : Nima HRV
Retro Football Manager v0.5.2
ویندوز موبایل 6 یا بالاتر
تمام رزولوشن ها

[تصویر: Retro%20Football%20Manager%20v0.5.2_pda4pda.com.jpg]

یک بازی مدیریت فوتبال ساده و کم حجم

A Football manager game...

From the developer:

Many years ago I played simple Football manager game on Commodore C-64 with my friends. We could selected one team of Italia and checked results on monitor screen. It was funny and addictive.

Few weeks ago in a pub we remembered it. I learned visual basic and created this game. I hope, you enjoy it with us.

System requirements::
- Windows Mobile 6.x.
- .NET CF v3.5.
Tested on HTC HD2.

Planed Feature:
- League Cups.
- European leagues.
- European Cup.
- World Cup.

Konwn issues:
- Black textboxes in selecting managers.
o GTX them do it: enter manager name to black box, it works.
- Menu / End game: can't back to selecting game.
o If you don't have "ok/exit" buton on your skin you must restart game.

If you like this project, please consider donate to the developer.

v0.5.2 (08-08-2010):
- Fixed resign buttons bug.
- Fixed top teams match bug


نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های ورزشی، 
برچسب ها : Retro Football Manager v0.5.2،
ارسال شده در: شنبه 23 مرداد 1389 :: توسط : Nima HRV

بازی معروف شهرسازی SimCity که باید شهر رو بسازید و اداره کنید.

WindowsMobile 5 or later



در ادامه مطلب

ادامه مطلب

نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های استراتژیک، بازی های متفرّقه، 
برچسب ها : simcity، sim، sims، city، deluxe، vga، qvga، wvga، wqvga، sqvga، game، download، شهرسازی، دانلود، بازی، موبایل،
ارسال شده در: پنجشنبه 30 اردیبهشت 1389 :: توسط : علی ارغوان

بعد از اومدن فیلم پروفروش مرد آهنی 2 این بار بازیش رو در پاکت پی سی داشته باشید.
With Iron Man now a worldwide hero, Tony Stark is the top weapons contractor for the government, and the top target for his enemies who have developed their own high-tech weaponry. On the ground and in the skies, Iron Man will go head-to-head against Ultimo, Firepower, Whiplash and armies of other foes who want to take him down. But who is really pulling the strings of this sudden onslaught against Iron Man? Hell need the help of War Machine and S.H.I.E.L.D. to defeat them all.

ویندوزموبایل 5 یا بالاتر


در ادامه مطلب

ادامه مطلب

نوع مطلب : کلیه بازی ها، بازی های QVGA، بازی های VGA، بازی های WQVGA، بازی های WVGA، بازی های اکشن، بازی های ماجرایی، 
برچسب ها : Iron، Man، 2، IronMan، مرد، آهنی، مردآهنی،
ارسال شده در: دوشنبه 20 اردیبهشت 1389 :: توسط : علی ارغوان

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